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Flourish, to be successful.

“Our organization, Michigan First Credit Union, recently had the opportunity to work with Kristen and her team by bringing Communicode Training to us.  We really didn’t know what to expect, but we received a great overview of expectations from Kristen before arriving to get us all prepared for the training.

We find that we are generally pretty good at communicating in our organization, but it is always an area for us to improve upon.  What a better way to do it than through this very fun, interactive and practical training!  We invited team members from all functions and levels to attend, to ensure that we had diversity of thought and people involved in the training to make it a richer experience.

The feedback from the team during and following the training was exceptional.  We all enjoyed our time together; worked closely with each other during the training and especially with others that we might not normally work closely with day-to-day; learned how to more effectively communicate while getting the right results AND had fun doing it!  Since that time, we have heard team members referencing the training, what they learned and how they are working to be clearer in their communications and understanding expectations of all parties involved in getting to the right end!”


Patty J.   |   Chief Human Resource Officer, Michigan First Credit Union

I had a blast playing Communicode with other young professionals in the area!  It is a strategy and logic game that you win by working with your team to crack your code before the other team cracks theirs.  It is great for all ages and skill levels.  I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for a group activity, whether it be for teambuilding or just for fun.  


Jennifer M.   |   Attorney at Parrish Snead Franklin Simpson

We had such a blast as a team doing Communicode! I found it so fun to walk into the room & being paired with new people I hadn’t really interacted with before! Choosing random people to sit at the table with & work with made the game so much more fun! I got to know my team mates a little better which was nice!

 I have never had to rely on someone else for clues on a literal BIG picture that we were trying to figure out! It made you really think & work on your communication skills. This game really tests your patience & your ability to rely on others & truly work as a team! It was a great idea for a game & I cant wait to try it again!


Kimberly W.   |   Licensed Retention Agent at Quantum Assurance International


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this take place?

Wherever works best for you! We can set up at your workplace or we can coordinate to find a venue with you.

What are the space requirements?

All we need are tables for each team and a chair for each participant. The space maybe indoors or outdoors.

How much set up time is required?

For groups of thirty participants or less, we require thirty minutes to set up and an additional thirty minutes to breakdown. For groups over thirty participants, more time may be required.

How Long is each program?

Team Building Essentials is approximately one hour long and Communication Fundamentals is approximately three hours long. 

Who are the programs for?

Our programs are designed for people at every level of your organization. Everyone benefits! 

Should teams be defined before the event

Yes, you are welcome to make up a team prior to the event to ensure that specific individuals will interact with each other. If desired, the facilitator can form the teams.