About Us


A group of people coming together for a common goal.

01. Effective

We guarantee to produce meaningful training to assure your team’s success. 

02. impactful

We enhance your team’s performance through interaction, discussion, reflection, and practice.

Our Story

Father and daughter duo, Gary and Kristen, love having fun and challenging people to be their best. Connect Games, their first business together and a top-rated escape room in Virginia, brings laughs and challenges to thousands.

Recognizing the demand for mobile team building activities, Gary and Kristen founded Teams Prosper. Teams Prosper provides team-building with substance, meeting the need for professionals in all industries. Their programs promote collaboration, communication and cohesive teamwork. They bring their programs to your location, training teams of all shapes and sizes. Through Teams Prosper, Gary and Kristen continue living their dream, challenging and inspiring your teams to prosper.

Our Team

Gary sill

Chief Executive Officer and Program Facilitator

Gary enjoys challenging and encouraging people to live fulfilling and satisfying lives. As a long-time entrepreneur with several businesses, he is intimately familiar with the benefits of strong teams. When not at work, Gary loves exploring the road less traveled, often by motorcycle. 

kristen sill

Chief Operating Officer and Program Facilitator

Kristen is passionate about helping others grow. Through Teams Prosper, she inspires effective teamwork, while helping people achieve their full potential. In her free time, Kristen loves running, weightlifting, traveling, and almost every outdoor activity.  

kelli sill

Chief Growth Officer and Program Facilitator

Kelli loves to inspire people to live their best life. She is endlessly fascinated by the mind-body connection and how it can be used in both the personal and professional world. When not working with Teams Prosper or at her massage therapy company, Kelli loves to spend time outside in the sun, play board games, and relax at home with a good movie!    

emma krejdovsky

Program Facilitator

Emma is a content creator for Teams Prosper as well as a college student and cheerleading coach. She is devoted to helping improve communication and team work, no matter the situation. Emma enjoys cheerleading, binge-watching TV shows, and spending time with friends.

Emily swartchick

Program Facilitator

Emily is a recent graduate from the University of Mary Washington who is dedicated to bringing people together in fun and interactive ways. Emily thrives on problem solving and working through the toughest of puzzles. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading and playing with her dog, Duncan.